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An unreleased game, originally by Tengen, brought back from the dead by Retrozone! Explore the wizard's 3D isometric dungeon through 3 difficulty levels. Each level the items are rearranged and new challenges are added. Can you outwit the wizard before he deflates your existance? "Now you are really in trouble," said the evil wizard Navi, "for I am turning you into a ball and sending you into my dungeon with over 250 rooms! If that sounds easy I'm telling you it's not, because you have a fatal slow leak and you must find a room with a pump or you will surely die! Do not pump yourself up too much or you will explode in a rubbery mess. You must first find my spellbook. Within that book are the instructions on how to turn yourself back into a human. After that I will send you to find other objects I have left behind, like a Buddha, a pumpkin, and a dragon statue. Make sure you pick up these valuable objects for they may be able to assist you in your fight for survival. Good luck in your quest, now bounce away from here!"


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