Athletic World

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Athletic World
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One of the few games that will give more than just your... More thumbs a workout, Athletic World is designed exclusively for the Nintendo Power Pad. The Power Pad is basically a large, dot-covered floor mat that you run, walk, or jog on in order to control the on-screen action. Athletic World is made up of five events: Hurdles, Animal Trail, Dark Tunnel, Hop-a-Log, and Rafting. The Hurdles event tests your eye-foot coordination by having you jump over hurdles as you run. Moles will interfere with your hurdling if you play the Expert Course. During the Animal Trail you must dodge animals as you run. The Dark Tunnel is filled with slippery inclines and bats. (Bats appear in the Expert Course only.) You must really keep up your speed in the Dark Tunnel game, especially when approaching an incline. As the name indicates, the Hop-a-Log stage has you jumping from log to platform to log, trying not to slip off and fall in the water. In the Expert Course, frogs are on hand to complicate matters. In the Rafting game, you must run, jump, or drop to your knees to avoid logs and other obstacles (such as fish in the Expert Course). Prior to playing Athletic World you should do some stretching exercises as this can be a very strenuous game. If you have any concerns about your heart or you just want to be on the safe side, you will probably want to consult your doctor before engaging in any unusual physical activities. ~ Brett Alan Weiss, All Game Guide


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