Blaster Master

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Blaster Master
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Jason begins the game in his tank, Sophia the 3rd, with a limited selection of abilities. It can move horizontally, jump, fire shots from its cannon, or use special attacks after finding ammunition for them. As the game progresses, however, Jason acquires new abilities for the tank by defeating the bosses of each level. Each upgrade affords a different style of gameplay. For example, it is possible to receive an upgrade for water movement ("Dive") which allows the vehicle to move freely through water environments; with the "Hover" upgrade module, Sophia the 3rd has the capability to fly through the air to reach higher targets and gain entry to remote platforms, and so on. In addition, Jason may leave the tank at any time to explore surrounding regions. His armor and attacks are weaker outside the tank, and falling long distances deals damage to the unfortified Jason. Nevertheless, exiting Sophia is the only way to climb ladders and enter various passageways throughout the level.


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