Conquest of the Crystal Palace

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Conquest of the Crystal Palace
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Long ago the Crystal Palace was a thriving kingdom, however the evil war spirit Zaras appeared one day and brought destruction to the lands! The people of the Crystal Palace left as Zaras and his henchman took over, changing the kingdom into a maze of many dangers. You control Farron, the hero of the story who needs to enter the Crystal Palace and destroy the bad guys in order to restore peace. The game is an action platform game that scrolls both horizontally and vertically. On each of five stages you'll need to fight various enemies throughout the varied terrain, and finally defeat the boss at the end. You'll start with just a simple sword, but additional weapons can be found or bought in order to help you out. If you get into trouble, you can also call your dog Zap onto the screen; he'll jump around causing damage to the enemies giving you a chance to escape. You may also come across Kim's shops along your journey. Here you can buy various items, including additional lives, replenish your health, more powerful weapons, and other useful items. To purchase items, you'll need money which can be collected after defeating enemies in battle.


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