Desert Commander

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Desert Commander
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Somewhere in a nameless desert, two opposing nameless armies take to the battlefield to destroy the other. Through the strategy of their commanders and the diversity of their units, each side seeks to gain the advantage over the other. There are 5 campaigns total and can be played either VS the computer or a second player. The game is is a top-view turn-based strategy games with animated battle sequences between units. Each unit can move a certain value across the battlefield on different types of terrain and must keep track of it's ammunition and fuel consumption. Towns are scattered around the map for resupply and other special icons (Position, Oasis, Airfield) confer other special advantages. Players may choose any combination of choices of 2 types of air units and 2 styles of cannon, 4 types of land vehicles and an infantry unit to customize their specific strategy. The side that loses their Headquarters unit first loses.


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