Drac's Night Out

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Drac's Night Out
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Drac, from the Latin draco, is the word for dragon or devil in several languages, such as Catalan and Romanian. Drac or DRAC may also refer to: Drac, abbreviation for the orchid genus Dracula Drac, nickname of the trans-Neptunian object 2008 KV42 Drac, fictional language of the Dracs, alien species in Barry B. Longyear's The Enemy Papers trilogy Drac River, waterway in France, tributary of the Isère Le Drac, dragon-like beast that, according to French folklore, terrorised the town of Beaucaire, France DRAC (Dynamic Relay Authorization Control), daemon that dynamically updates a relay authorization map for sendmail Dell DRAC (Dell Remote Access Controller), remote access card available in many models of Dell servers Direction régionale des affaires culturelles, French regional heritage service


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