Goonies II, The

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Goonies II, The
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The game begins at the entrance to a mansion, though it is quickly made clear that building is linked to an increasingly-exotic series of other areas through passageways, including ice and lava caves, a mountainside chasm crossed via suspension bridge, and even a medieval-style castle. Stylisically, the design is very similar to the Metroid series or the newer 2D Castlevania games such as Symphony of the Night (See also Metroidvania). The map is divided into two sides (a front and a back) which are connected by a vast number of doors spread throughout the complex. Usually, travelling a great distance requires the player to switch back and forth multiple times to bypass dead-ends or other obstacles. Like similar-themed games, progress requires acquiring certain items (designed to be collected in a specific order, though well-skilled or prepared adventurers can sometimes skip steps) to unlock later sections of the map. These include hyper shoes (for long jumps), spring boots (for high jumps), bombs (for opening hidden doors), a candle (for lighting dark rooms in first-person mode), a hammer (for opening hidden doors in first-person mode), a ladder (to traverse between floors in first-person mode), and a scuba suit (to enter underwater areas).


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