Goonies, The

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Goonies, The
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After playing "Goonies II" for the NES (the only Goonies game released for the system in the US) back in the day... one question always remained: "What the heck ever happened to Goonies I?" The answer is that it simply never made it to the United States. The original "Goonies" game is actually ported from an arcade machine. It also reached a few other computer platforms including the MSX, Playchoice 10 and the Sharp X1. In this original installment, the player controls Mikey. An army of rats patrol the stages while Jake Fratelli attempts to attack Mikey by shooting at him. When Mikey kills a mouse, it leaves behind a small blue bomb that can be picked up. The bomb is used to blow up skull doors in which the keys to the next level are found as well as a member of the Goonies which you must rescue. After collecting all 3 keys, Mikey can advance to the next level. Enemies respawn randomly. The game does bear similarities to the film as the final stage is a pirate ship. The game also recreates one scene from the film where the Goonies are on a beach watching the ship sail away. All five goonies are required to access the game's final level, otherwise, the game will start over from the first level.


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