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You assume the role of commander Gun-Nac. You fight a host of enemies from your space ship, in which you battle your way through 8 separate levels. The ship can be upgraded to a larger ship by acquiring a "wing" for your plane, which allows the player to sustain two enemy hits rather than one, and allows the player to upgrade his weapons farther than his standard ship would allow. The game contains 5 primary weapons, as well as 4 types of secondary bombs. The primary weapons range from a standard gun to a flamethrower, to a type of guided boomerang, have unlimited ammunition, and are obtained by collecting circles with numbers that correspond to one of the 5 different weapons. The secondary bombs work on a similar principle. They are obtained by collecting similar circles with corresponding letters within them. The bombs however, are limited in supply to however many you can collect. In addition, the primary weapons can be upgraded by collecting multiple "Power P's" that float through the stage.


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