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Professor Hector and his assistant, Professor Vector, navigate side-scrolling platform levels with the help of their creation, R.O.B. Their lives are threatened by dynamite and hungry little lizards called Smicks, and Professor Hector's sleep-walking tendencies get him in trouble as well. Is there no rest for R.O.B.? As the Professor character moves through the levels, R.O.B. must aid navigation by raising and lowering red and blue gates. When a Gyro depresses the red pedestal, red gates are lowered. When a gyro depresses the blue pedestal, blue gates are lowered. The action on the screen never stops: so while operating R.O.B., the on-screen character continues to be vulnerable. This game can be played without the R.O.B. acccessory by using the 2nd controller's A and B buttons to raise and lower the red and blue pipes.


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