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Ikki may refer to: In gaming, the online strategy builder game Ikariam's Wikipedia entry. In Japanese history, leagues of samurai, farmers, and clergy who engaged in common defense against shogunal forces and greater lords, initiating large and destructive agrarian uprisings. The uprisings were also called ikki. See Ikkō-ikki Ikki (character), A porcupine from Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book series Ikki (magazine), A semi-alternative manga magazine Ikki Tenryou, a character from the manga and anime, Medabots Phoenix Ikki, a character from the manga and anime, Saint Seiya Itsuki Minami, a character from the manga and anime, Air Gear Ikki (video game), an arcade video game released by Sunsoft in 1985 Ikki, a character from the animated television The Legend of Korra The ikki twins, stars of the bisexual themed dating show A Double Shot at Love IKKI, the Russian acronym for Executive Committee of the Communist International


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