Joy Mech Fight

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Joy Mech Fight
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Joy Mech Fight (ジョイメカファイト, Joi Meka Faito), sometimes called Joy Mecha Fight, is a fighting game for the Family Computer, released only in Japan on May 21, 1993. The game was released during the generation shift between the Famicom and the newer Super Famicom, and Joy Mech Fight is counted among one of the most important late Famicom games for utilizing the console's audio and visual capabilities to the fullest extent. It is also Nintendo's first attempt in the fighting game genre since Urban Champion after the success and craze of Capcom's Street Fighter II, which inspired other companies to create their own inspiration as well. Though the game's development is credited to Nintendo R&D1, it was originally conceived by two programmers, Koichi Hayashida and Koichiro Eto, who met at a programming seminar hosted by Nintendo. The two completed the game while working at the seminar, naming it Battle Battle League (バトルバトルリーグ), and Nintendo released the game under its current title after both had started to work for the company.


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