Jungle Book, The

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Jungle Book, The
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In the game you control a young Mowgli through various side-scrolling levels in a similar mold of Pitfall. It is a vine-climbing, run-and-jump platformer, in which you shoot at or avoid enemies, such as snakes, monkeys, and prickly pear cacti (a North American species which inexplicably seems to reside in this Indian rain forest). The levels follow this basic formula of collecting gems and then told to find the end character for that particular level. The player scores points by obtaining gems along with having fruits and other items that contribute to the player's in-game score. The starting weapon for Mowgli are single banana projectiles. The player can also get several types of weapons, including invincibility masks, coconuts, double banana shots (throws 2 instead of 1), and boomerang bananas


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