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Kage may refer to: Kage, Angola The Danish word for cake A former nickname used by Japanese singer Hironobu Kageyama Samuel Conway, also known as "Uncle Kage" Japanese for "shadow" written in rōmaji, used in: The player character in Legend of Kage Kage-Maru, the main character in the Virtua Fighter series of video games The Japanese release title for the video game Shadow of the Ninja The name of a ninja in the PlayStation game Suikoden The name of an underground information broker in the PlayStation 2 game Yakuza A rank of ninjas in the manga and anime Naruto The nickname of Kyle Gass, a member of the band Tenacious D Another name for the main character in The Night Angel Trilogy by Brent Weeks A fanzine for the tabletop role-playing game Shadowrun


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