Kung Fu Heroes

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Kung Fu Heroes
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Upon returning to their homeland after weeks of martial... More arts training, good friends and Kung Fu masters Jacky and Lee find the land in a shadow of gloom, the inhabitants in sorrow. While they were out on their training session, monsters had invaded their land, kidnapping Princess Min-Min and stealing the land's ten treasures. Hiding the ten treasures throughout eight castles and holding Princess Min-Min in the furthest of them, these monsters are a force too terrible for any of the citizens to take on. The citizens plead with Jacky and Lee to rescue Princess Min-Min and retrieve the treasures so that happiness may be restored to the land. Thus, the friends begin their quest and enter the first of eight perilous castles. From an overhead perspective, Jacky and Lee will have to trek through each castle, each of which contains four danger-filled one-screen rooms, while fending off the attacks of a large variety of foes. Bazooka-firing soldiers trying to get their sights on them, Coffin Men that will shut them in and hold them for their pals, slithering snakes, soldiers in a number of varieties, and the very large and invulnerable Bison Commandos, among many others are waiting for our Kung Fu heroes. And only after they've destroyed a set amount of these foes, may they progress to the next room of the castle.


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