Legacy of the Wizard

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Legacy of the Wizard
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The game chronicles story of the Drasle family's attempt to destroy an ancient, evil dragon named Keela that is magically entrapped in a painting within an underground labyrinth. The only way the Drasle family can accomplish their goal is to use the "Dragon Slayer", a magical sword that is protected by four hidden crowns. The player must use the unique abilities of each member of the family to regain possession of the crowns, so that they may use the Dragon Slayer to defeat the evil Keela. The Drasle family consists of six members of three generations, plus the family pet, which resembles a small dinosaur. The player takes control of the members of the Drasle family and their bizarre pet, sending them one at a time into the vast underground cavern filled with traps, puzzles and monsters, in search of the four crowns, while periodically returning to the family household on the surface to change characters and to obtain a password. Each member of the family, which consists of the father, mother, son, daughter, and the pet, has different well-balanced strengths and weaknesses to contribute to this goal. Some characters have seemingly powerful strengths, but each is offset by proportionate limitations. For example, the father has the strongest attack power, but cannot jump as high as the rest of the family. The mother of the family has relatively weak attributes, but is the only one who can use specific magical items required to find one of the crowns. By discovering and utilizing each character's strengths, the player travels through the extensive dungeon, eventually fighting four bosses to gain the crowns.


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