Magic Darts

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Magic Darts
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One of the very few electronic darts simulations, Magic... More Darts is an excellent rendition of the barroom pastime, featuring just about every option you'd want. There are six different games, including 301, 501, 701, Count Up, Round the Clock and Half It, three weights of darts, and 10 characters to choose from, ranging from a monkey to a ninja to an alien. Throwing a dart depends on four different factors: position, curve, angle and power. The graphics are simple but effective, and the energetic music keeps things lively. Still, as good as Magic Darts is at what it does, this is still just darts, so the excitement level and replay value aren't very high. Darts fans would probably rather play the real thing, and the casual gamer most likely won't be interested. ~ Skyler Miller, All Game Guide


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