Mega Man 5

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Mega Man 5
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In the year 20XX, after a brief period of peace, an army led by what appears to be Proto Man storms throughout the world wreaking havoc. One day, Dr. Light turns up missing (he had been kidnapped by "Proto Man") and the only clues left behind to Mega Man are a brief note from Proto Man and his signature yellow scarf. Mega Man wonders why his "brother" is doing this, but with little choice left except to save the doctor, he sets out to stop the madness before it gets out of hand. This time, his Mega Buster has been upgraded slightly thanks to the help of their new ally, Dr. Cossack, and also, Cossack has created a bird friend by the name of "Beat" to join the cause. Cossack serves as Mega Man's mentor since Dr. Light is in captivity and helps him where needed during this quest.


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