Mega Man 6

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Mega Man 6
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Due to the decline and waning support of the 8-bit NES and the growing presence of the newer and more powerful Super NES, Capcom decided not to publish Mega Man 6 in North America, concentrating on marketing Mega Man X instead. The North American version of Mega Man 6 was released by Nintendo instead. In the year 20XX, the first annual "Robot Masters Tournament" is held. The tournament was designed to test the designing capabilities of the world's greatest engineers. Thus, engineers and programmers (and of course, spectators) from the world over gathered to participate in this event. The tournament was hosted by a man known only as "Mr. X," who was one of the world's richest men and supposedly one of its greatest engineers. Dr. Light, a pacifist, decided not to enter the tournament, but he took charge and did send Mega Man to go along and make sure that everything was safe for all the spectators and to discipline the Robot Masters. Many strong robots participated, and in the end, eight robots were victorious.


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