Milon's Secret Castle

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Milon's Secret Castle
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The player starts out at the bottom floor of a four-story castle named Castle Garland, where each story can only be reached by defeating the boss of the floor below. Although seemingly basic, the only way the bosses can even be reached is by discovering a host of secrets, some of which require sheer luck or a helpful manual. The game has generally been considered extremely difficult and frustrating. There are no save points, and once a player runs out of life, the game is over. However, it is possible to continue, after obtaining the first crystal. Also, unlike in most platform games of the era, Milon doesn't "blink" to become briefly invincible when he is attcked by an enemy, which means his energy can be sapped in no time if he doesn't move away. Each room of the castle contains secrets not unlike those of the Super Mario Bros. series; the secrets are uncovered by shooting bubbles into invisible trigger objects.


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