Mission: Impossible

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Mission: Impossible
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The object of the IMF team is to solve a kidnapping case, as a terrorist group by the name of the Sinister Seven has kidnapped both a well-known scientist, and Sheila - one of your team members! The chase will take place through the canals of Venice to the Switzerland Alps, and the team is to infiltrate a number of hostile multiple-floor installations in pursuit of the hostages. Seemingly inspired by the Sega arcade game Crack Down, the game gives the player a view from the above. All three of the most known IMF agents are at disposal - Max, Grant and Nicholas, and their skillful idiosyncrasies are portrayed well. Max has his U.S. Army-inspired gear and Nicholas is the master of disguise. Grant trusts his rock-hard knuckles. The used character may be switched anytime in-game, but all three active members must survive through the level.


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