Mr. Gimmick!

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Mr. Gimmick!
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In the introduction animation, a young girl receives a gimmick doll named Yumetarō (ゆめたろー) for a birthday present. She quickly favors the new doll over her previous toys who, jealous over abandonment, kidnap her and hold her captive in an alternate dimension inhabited only by toys. Yumetarō, as the protagonist, must track down his new owner and retrieve her from the toy world. Gimmick!'s gameplay revolves around a platformer engine in which the action figure must make his way through each of the obstacle course like levels before reaching a boss. Gimmick's weapon is a star which he can spawn above his head and throw in the toy world. The star doubles as a functional utility, as Gimmick can ride these stars and use them to reach otherwise unattainable areas. Gimmick! was released by Sunsoft in 1992 in Japan. Shortly thereafter, the game was released in Scandinavia under the title Mr. Gimmick! Although the game was reviewed in the July 1992 issue of the Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine, the game never saw a release in North America.


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