Ninja Kid

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Ninja Kid
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Gameplay begins on an overhead map with several different arches. Each arch leads to a different side-scrolling mission, and the type of the mission can be determined by the shape of the arch. At the end of each mission, two doors will appear, one of which will return you to the map, and the other of which will take you to a vertically-scrolling tower with a mini-boss at the top (after defeating the mini-boss you are returned to the map). Also during each mission, items randomly appear on the screen. Some bonus items also give you a temporary speed boost, or show you which door will lead to the mini-boss tower. Additionally, scrolls and whistles also fall from the sky randomly during missions. Once you have collected a scroll, you can take it to the hut in the middle of the map to unlock the fortress and fight the map's boss. During the boss fight, if you have collected any whistles, you can crouch in the far left corner of the screen to use a whistle to summon a familiar.


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