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Based on the computer game Beyond the Black Hole, Orb-3D is... More similar to a 3D, puzzle-enhanced version of Pong. Set in deep outer space, an evil space wizard by the name of Krohn is in control of a vast Black Hole that is expanding at a rapid rate. Only by solving all 30 target games and puzzles can you defeat Krohn and save the universe. You control two paddles placed at opposite ends of the screen. A Millennium Orb spacecraft moves back and forth in an orbital plane (hence the 3D effect) along a grid-like playfield. In addition to bouncing the orb off of your paddles (which are actually called force shields), you can push a button to make the orb dive into various targets that are on the playfield. By hitting the targets with the orb, usually in a particular order, you can clear the screen. Of the 30 levels of play, most of them are laid out as puzzles. Among these, you'll find a tic-tac-toe game, a dice game, a pool-type contest, a bowling pin game and a blinking eye game. If you begin running low on fuel, either by not hitting the appropriate targets quickly enough or by letting the orb pass by your force shields one too many times, you can refuel at Vern's Orb-O-Rama. Here you must navigate the orb through as many fuel bays as possible before they close. To enhance the visual experience of playing Orb-3D, an included pair of 3D glasses can be worn. ~ Brett Alan Weiss, All Game Guide


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