Quattro Arcade

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Quattro Arcade
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F-16 RENEGADE - Things are not quite what they seem down at Fairview High School. Behind the door to the computer room the mild mannered head of department, Professor Helix, is secretely plotting to take over the world! Using only his PC Professor Helix logged into USAF's central computer and set in motion a program which will scramble all of America's Air Force and automatically fly it on a mission to start World War III! Professor Helix's respectable facade hides the character of a mad megalomaniac bent on destruction. C.J'S ELEPHANT ANTICS - C.J.'s elephant antics have landed him in BIG trouble this time. Out exploring the jungle far from home, he stumbled into an elephant trap! And now he was being flown to a zoo, destined to spend the rest of his life in captivity! GO! DIZZY GO! - "It's a nightmare!", thought Dizzy. His arch enemy the Evil Wizard Zaks had done it again! He kidnapped Dizzy's friends whilst they were having a picnic in the woods and cast them into several strange and dangerous new worlds. Dizzy and Denzil must defeat the wizard's weird mazes to rescue their poor friends. Each friend has been trapped in a world of make-believe with many magical monsters. STUNT BUGGIES - It didn't seem the ideal birthday situations. Your folks having to spend the day with a sick relative while you're shunted off to stay with old uncle Zeb the inventor in his massive and probably haunted house. However waht greets you when you awake in your strange new bedroom does seem like the ideal birthday present. A miniature, totally cool, fully working sports buggy. With uncle Zeb already about his strange business in the attic, you decide to take this mean machine for a spin in the apparently endless passages of the house.


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