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The object of the game is to complete all 50 rallies without running out of fuel. There is no limit to how many vehicles a player can receive to complete a rally, as long as they have fuel. However, the destruction of a vehicle will subtract a small amount from the player's fuel tank. Players can get fuel in three ways: green globes, red globes and the between race fill-up. Green globes are on the road, and fill the main gas tank. Red globes are revealed by shooting enemies on the road. After completing each rally, the player is awarded extra reserve fuel determined by how many enemies were destroyed during the level. Each consecutive kill shot increases the multiplier, from 1 up to 10. A miss lowers that multiplier by 1. Whatever the multiplier is at when the finish line is crossed is multiplied by the value of the enemies slain, and that much fuel is awarded. Ported to the NES by Mark Morris.


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