Rollerblade Racer

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Rollerblade Racer
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When roller-skating went out of style with the 1970s, there was a huge void left in the what-to-do-on-Friday-night list of options. No more Couples Only, All Skate, or Limbo Contests. But a few years later, a new skating phenomenon took the world by storm Rollerblading. And that fad has become an institution, as evidenced by the release of ROLLERBLADE RACER for the NES. Strap on your skates and hit the road as you compete in a variety of events, ranging from Barrel Jumping to Half-Pipe. If you've always wanted to try in-line skating, but it just didn't feel right without the little pom-poms on your skate laces, you can get the full experience with ROLLERBLADE RACER.


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