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Shatterhand is an NES action game that takes place in the future. Cyber-gangsters have crushed the player's hands but medical science have made them bionic and stronger than ever. Like in an RPG, the player defeats cyborgs for money and uses it on repairs and new attacks. After defeating the first stage, set in an oil refinery, the player gets to choose from five dystopian stages while listening to a bouncy music soundtrack. After defeating all five stages (factory, nuclear submarine, taiga base, gravitational lab, and flaming city ruins), there is a final stage set on a space shuttle. The game was released in Japan as Tokyuu Shirei Solbrain on the Famicom, based on the Metal Hero Tokusatsu of the same title. Changing the plot and character sprites to match Solbrain's story, it is unknown whether Shatterhand was a modified version of Solbrain, or vice-versa.


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