Solstice: Quest for the Staff of Demnos

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Solstice: Quest for the Staff of Demnos
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The player controls Shadax as he moves through the aforementioned dungeon made of isometric rooms. He or she solves puzzles in these rooms to either advance to the next room, or obtain a specific item that will help them advance. While doing this, the player must avoid the usual traps (pitfalls, spiked floors, ect), and monsters (slimes, trolls, ect). Most enemies should be avoided, but occasionally some are incorporated into that room's puzzle. Solstice is a non-linear adventure game in that there is no set path, but specific items must be collected before Shadax can advance to the next portion of the dungeon. Shadax can jump, pick up objects, and use potions with various effects, but must generally worry about evasion as a primary tactic.


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