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Unlike its predecessor, Moero! Twinbee has horizontal shooter levels in addition to the vertical ones. The horizontal levels were the odd-numbered stages and basically, are like the vertical levels, with a different orientation (as opposed to other horizontal shooters like Gradius where the player must evade obstacles as well). The vertical levels were the even-numbered levels. In all levels, either Twinbee, Winbee or Gwinbee must finish the stage by making it to the end and defeating the boss. Once the player finishes 7 levels, they can access to a harder variation of the game, with some new enemies and more aggressive versions of the old ones. If the game is finished again, the third game is progressively faster. Like in the previous game, all three characters can shoot projectiles and fire bombs. The basic fire is straight-forward while the bomb travels in a forward-downward arc direction. The power-ups, like in other games, are bells that appear when the clouds are shot. The color of the bells determines the power-up that will be obtained, and changes when shot continuously. If shot too many times, the bell will transform into a face that will kill any character that touches it. The power-up obtained can be two-shots, laser, shields and shadows/options. Besides the bell power-up, there are also hidden power-ups that can only be obtained by destroying certain targets. These items are much powerful and have major priority over the bell power-ups.


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