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Superman is the title of an NES video game based on the popular DC comics character and the first two films of the same name. The game is a combination of side-scrolling action mixed in with some puzzles. While the US release contains an original soundtrack, the Japanese Famicom release features a synthesized version of the film's score. In the game, the player controls Superman on a quest to save the city of Metropolis from the evil Lex Luthor and a gang of criminals that were exiled from the planet Krypton. The game had an overhead map of various locations in the city that the player can travel to, with animated scenes, but then the gameplay would switch to a more traditional side-scrolling adventure game. Superman has an energy (Super Power) bar and he can collect various icons in the game to use a limited supply of one of his item powers: x-ray vision (make certain enemies visible), superflight, super spin, heat vision (laser attack), and ice breath 1 and ice breath 2 (freeze enemies). Aside from the item powers, Superman can also jump and punch. Players start out the game as Clark Kent but can change into Superman (provided that they have enough Super Power) by entering into one of the phone booths that are scattered throughout the city. At the end of each city level, the player fights one of the exiled crimals from Krypton; Ursa, Non and General Zod as a boss and if they are victories they are shown an animated front page of a Daily Planet newspaper displaying their success. The final boss in the game is Lex Luthor.


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