Tecmo Cup Soccer Game

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Tecmo Cup Soccer Game
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Strap on your shin guards and get ready for a unique soccer experience with TECMO CUP SOCCER GAME for the NES. Instead of just choosing a team and starting a game, with TECMO CUP you actually follow the career of Robin Field, the son of a famous soccer star. Starting in the junior leagues, you'll take Robin through the ranks until you reach the ultimate the World Cup. While this is a sports title, it also incorporates strategy and RPG elements, as you must decide what each player does when he has control of the ball, depending on his skills and talents. If you're looking for something a little different in your soccer, then TECMO CUP SOCCER GAME might be exactly what you need. Follow the career of Robin Field; work from the junior leagues up to the World Cup; incorporates, sports, strategy, and RPG elements; single-player action; awesome graphics and sound effects


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