Three Stooges, The

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Three Stooges, The
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The Three Stooges come upon an old widow, her three daughters and their orphanage, which is in extreme disrepair. On top of that, an unscrupulous banker demands the mortgage payment of $5000 within thirty days. The trio immediately sets out to collect the money. Several options for getting (or not getting) money are presented: from dropped wallets to finder's fees to participating in competitions: Hospital, Boxing, Pie Serving, Radio Quiz, and "Dough Balls in the Soup". There is also an interesting option which seems trivial at first, but becomes important as the game progresses: Each day, the choice of options is made by a hand moving randomly between several panels, which also includes a mouse trap. As the days pass, the hand speeds up, and if the player is not careful, he will lose a finger to the trap(s) (and if all fingers are disabled, the game is over). With a special option, the speed can be reduced by having the Stooges "blow off steam"; the player controls Moe as he attempts to hit either Larry or Curly, and for each hit the selection speed is reduced.


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