Times of Lore

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Times of Lore
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Years ago the High King Valwyn of Albareth exhausted himself keeping invaders out of his kingdom. After many battles, the King left on a journey to visit his homeland and get some rest. It's several years later, the King is still away, and the kingdom has been overrun by dark magic and evil creatures. In need of a hero to rid the land of all that is evil, the people of Albareth put out a call for an adventurer brave enough to face the dangers. In TIMES OF LORE, you're just the one for the job. As you travel around the lands of Albareth, you'll engage in vicious battles with unimaginable beasts that will challenge your strength and skill. As you develop your character, you'll get stronger, more skilled, and more courageous as you fight for the people of Albareth. Action-RPG; save the land of Albareth; fight monsters, demons, and other evil creatures; develop your skills to become a noble warrior; one player only.


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