Ufouria: The Saga

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Ufouria: The Saga
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Four friends: Bop-Louie, Freeon-Leeon, Gil, and Shades, each of a different species live in a world named Ufouria. The characters stumble upon a crater, into which all but Bop-Louie falls. Bop-Louie climbs in, but blanks out. He awakes with amnesia and must find all 3 of his other friends, all of whom also suffer from amnesia, take him as a threat and attack. Each time the player locates one a friend, you must battle them in an attempt to help them regain their memory. Once all four are back together the game revolves around collecting keys to open a Temple Gate. Each character has unique abilities which allow them to access different areas of the map. Bop-Louie is nimble, Freeon can walk on ice and swim on water, Shades can jump a little bit higher, and Gil can dive.


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