Wayne's World

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Wayne's World
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I'm Wayne Campbell, your excellent host, and with me, as always, is Garth. H. We're glad yon tuned in, because my faithful co-host and I are really getting dumped on, and we need some help, or, quite frankly, we're bucket! Some dweeby producer from Chicago is trying to buy us out and make our and show into some dweeboid " Mister Campbell's Neighborhood," Shyeahh, right. Anyhow, it's a really bizarre adventure trying to save our show. Good call, After that, bizarro trip through a T.V. studio and nasty ninjas. (As ifl) Now you've gotta duke your way through five levels of really weird stuff, Eeewwww? This place has spider-whiff? And help us scarf donuts, get the girl, and save our show, all without honking Shyeahh, right! Quickly, Garth, to the Mirth-Mobile it's party time!


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